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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Love the 80's

You know, I love those specials on VH1 where they reminisce about 80's music, fashion and cartoons. Especially the cartoons. So, one day when I was in Joann's and they had 50% off their clearance stuff, I was looking for 50 cent/yd fabrics. I love getting those for mockups, as you can probably tell from my absolutely hideous and strange mockup fabrics. But that fateful day I found THE mock-up fabric of my dreams. Why, you ask? This is why:

I admit that strawberry shortcake was a childhood hero of mine. And while I prefer her in the old-school cupcake bonnet and fruffy dress, I can certainly accept this "hip, cool" SS in a pinch. And I do have a think for pink and green together. Cotton flannel strawberry shortcake fabric in pink and green....could it get any better?!

Well, yes, actually. It could get better if I used said fabric as a bloomer mockup and ended up with the coolest capri pj pants EV.ER. Witness the glory:

Oh, yes, and ignore the bruise. Apparently I stumble over trunks when I've had one to many apple martinis (which is equal to two martinis, apparently).

So, admittedly this pattern is a little wide-legged, but damn if it ain't comfy. I did take a few inches off the sides for the real bloomers (made out of the same poopy linen of my heart shaped bonnet lining). They're still roomy, but not quite as ridiculous. The real bloomers are so ugly and splotchily dyed that I can't bear to post their picture. They would pale in comparison to the glory that is the Shortcake. And the knees on the real ones aren't finished off yet anyway. ;)


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