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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Virginia's Flemish Invasion

This past Saturday was spent amongst the gracious and welcoming Virginia Ren Faire in Spotsylvania County. It is a small faire, but growing, and chock full of interesting, knowledgable and interactive folks.
On Saturday, we donned our newly completed flemish set (well, at least, the menswear bit was newly completed), and paraded about in the coolness of linen. Well, most of us did, not Adam..he had a wool jerkin. I'm a mean wife, aren't I?

flemishfoursome--I am, of course, making a rather stupid face in this photo, and my husband has his usual photogenic eyes-shut pose. Beth and Aaron look lovely, though, don't they? I'm hoping that Beth has a more flattering shot of Adam and I. ;)

You can see our newly acquired parasols. They may not be quite peasant appropriate, but they were a godsend for the sunny faire, and we both have diabolical plans for embellishment. Or, at least we will, after we think about it for a bit.... We got them from a vendor after my own heart--she was selling bumrolls, reading Janet Arnold and blackworking by hand! I've never seen that at a faire, and I was mightily impressed. Sadly, I've already forgotten her first name--one of my biggest weaknesses...

Ah, and here are the manly men learning to handle their ample pikes....


I also seem to have a thing for taking pictures of Beth's backside (that is from MD last year) and I happen to think that she and Aaron looked wonderful together, so:

More backsides! Huzzah!