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Monday, September 04, 2006

I've Been a Naughty Poppet...

..And started a new dress diary: Jacobean Jacket.

I also went fabric store shopping this weekend to pick up a few goodies.

First, I went back for a remnant that I was kicking myself for leaving at the store the first time (Beth was kicking, too!):

There are about 2.5 yards of it, and I think I can definitely get a forepart/foresleeve combo for a tudor that's coming down the bend. On an interesting note, I'm going senile, cuz my mind remembered this as being a blackish green and gold,and its actually brownish green and gold. Yup, I'm crazy. I really can't decide which side I like better, but no rush.

I also picked up this purple and gold brocade (fiber unknown), though I'm not sure what for (its only a teensy bit more than a yard):

purple gold brocade

Beth--you had asked me to keep an eye out for tudor gown fabrics. I didn't see anything that caught my eye with the gold/textural interest criteria that you mentioned. However, this made me think of your dress/colorscheme, so if you're interested in it (or in the purple one, for that matter), its yours:

Its more detailed than I think you wanted, but because the print is small, it comes off more as a textural thing than a crazy design. Anywho, its a bricky-mauve and the background is a very dingy antique gold brown--much less shiny than the flash would have you believe. There are 1 1/8 yards, fiber unknown (a bit on the small side for your needs, but a remnant is a remnant). Colorwise, it looks quite pretty next to the velvet in question, but I'm not sure what'd look like next to your other fabric. But no pressure either way--lemme know if you're interested and I can mail it to you so you can see in person. And if not, it'll find life somewhere along the line.

Lastly, I picked up a 13x26 fabric sample of an embossed velvet. I'm thinking the shape/size will lend itself very well to a muff, and heck, it was only 75 cents: