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Friday, February 13, 2009

Fairy Wings

As I did in 2007, I will be helping the HMHounds group at Spoutwood Fairy festival come May. I have to say...I'm still embarrassed by the last "costume" even though I really like the crazy color combo.

This year, I wanted to try to be at least a little better. I still have no idea what outfit I'll pull together, but I've been wanting to experiment with dreamcatcher-inspired fairy wings for a while now, and figured I'd give it a go. The frames are coat hangers (4 total), straightened and reshaped, covered in black ribbon, then bound together with black cord and more ribbon. The cob-webby silver (~ 4 yds/wing) is woven from a travesty of a trim I bought for historical costuming based on a very nice looking picture--there was much disappointment when this actually landed on my doorstep. I'm glad that I found an alternative use for it.

They're certainly not perfect, but I think the experiment at least proved that the theory of dreamcatcher fairy wings is sound. And that's one less costume-y bit that I have to think about come May...

I need to think of some sparkly spider-inspired fairy name. How very Goth of me!

Damn, that window needs some windex action!