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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Steals and Deals...

For niter, since you wanted to see:



This is 65% linen, 35% cotton velvet...originally priced at $90/yd that I got for 7.50/yd. Squeak! I've got just the project for it....

Oh, that red/orange bit is a swatch I got on a whim--gold/red crossweave taffetta with velveteen pomegranate design. But its polyester....

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Yet another project. I'll try to actually finish this one, eh? ;)

And for niter, the VA Faire alpaca(s?--what's the plural, i wonder....). I meant to post more about the second day at the Spotsylvania, PA faire, but never really got around to it.
But the alpacas earned their moment of blog fame, so here you go:

Friday, June 16, 2006

Craft Finds

I just wanted to post my little A.C. Moore find: linen embroidery floss. Well, the black ones are linen, at any rate. I didn't know A.C. Moore carried that. When I found the linen, I was hoping they'd have silk, too, but no such luck.

But, well...linen...I can live with that! The gold one is hard to see here, but its the first metallic one that hasn't jarred my senses. Its kinda muted metallic, halfway between gold and silver. I like it. I figure I'll be able to pull off some sort of design with a color scheme like this one. (Image from V&A. Its a 1600's caul blackworked/embroidered with black silk and silver gilt thread.) I've actually seen stunning recreations of this particular caul, and am not doing this one. But a similar embroidery/motif/colorscheme would be nice....